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DUP Eyelashes Brown Mix (Model Edition) 916 [キュートeyes] [[REVIEW]]

Posted in ナチュふわまつげ, DUP by Jae on May 5, 2012

So, in one of the latest issues of Popteen, Maikawa-san was featured!

This is a tribute to her genius line of lashes and her continuing efforts to give us new lash designs because, let’s face it, lashes are repeating themselves a lot these days and I’ll be upfront and say I’m getting really bored.

Straight from the 900 Brown Mix Series, I give to you DUP Eyelashes Brown Mix (Model Edition) 916 [キュートeyes]!



Daiso Daily Cross Type A Lashes [DUP 902] X Select Transparent Cil #10 [DIAMOND LASH 小悪魔EYE] [[REVIEW]]

Posted in Daiso, Diamond Lash, DUP by Jae on February 12, 2011

So I promised you I’d be back with a review after my dental appointment and well, I’m late :3 To make it up to you, I’ve made this an I-kid-you-not-this-is-huge super jumbo sized review with two reviews in one to make it worth your wait. -winks-

I’ve found a possible dupe for DUP 902, which is the base of Mizukitty’s look.

That’s right, today, I’m doing reviews on both Daiso Daily Cross Type A Lashes and (also from Daiso) Select Transparent Cil #10!



Diamond Lash プリンセスeye (Lower Lashes) [[REVIEW]] + Mizuki Nishikawa!

Posted in Diamond Lash, DUP, EYEMAZING, Mizuki Nishikawa, POPTEEN by Jae on December 23, 2010

As the issues go by, I find myself paying more and more attention to one of POP’s other models, Mizuki Nishikawa!

Today’s review is dedicated to her because it’s a Mizuki inspired look! 🙂


D.U.P Eyelashes Fixer FX (Clear Type)

Posted in DUP, Eyelash Glue by Jae on May 25, 2010

-jumping up and down- I got it I got it. I finally got it muahahahaha. It’s super highly recommended by Japanese Models for its staying power and crazily strong holding glue (oww.) Here! Check this out!


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DUP 910 + Takano #11 False Lashes

Posted in DUP, Takano Style by Jae on May 9, 2010

My god, my entire review of these gorgeous babies got wiped completely off my screen after my edit. I can’t believe this but it’s okay it’s okay! I’d love to look at them again! =D


Yesssss…. I feel so proud of myself I could dance around. I’m about to show you two of my top picks for Japanese false lashes, babe! So head’s up and here we go~~~!


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