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EYEMAZING #2! EYEMAZING #2! [Final Installment!]

Posted in EOTD, EYEMAZING by Jae on February 23, 2010

Sorry for the late post >_< I got caught up with my online shopping =X

Argh… The wait for my MODEL21 lashes is KILLING ME. -laughing- I love mail but I hate waiting for it… But you don’t have to wait any longer for EYEMAZING #2, here it is~~~


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EYEMAZING False Lashes Haul

Posted in EOTD, EYEMAZING by Jae on February 18, 2010

Check it out! It’s EYEMAZING by Jun Komori [Yes, that gorgeous Japanese TV star] and I couldn’t resist getting the whole set. 

There are three types of falsies with different volume intensities:


My Absolute Favourite Lashes.

Posted in Brand Launch, EOTD, KOJI, Product Launch, Spring Heart by Jae on February 11, 2010

Yes, it’s the Spring Heart #02, that upon first application, officially became my new favourite pair of falsies.

Ah yes, and a small Dolly Wink update. 🙂


The Daiso Lashes Series~ [No.4] EOTD + Dolly Wink & K-Palette [Update]

Posted in Daiso, EOTD, KOJI by Jae on February 4, 2010

My love for false lashes still burns so strong… And so I start my little experiment to try to use every single pair of Daiso lashes till I’ve tried all of them!

I sound like I’m trying to climb Mount Everest… -laughing- Is everyone enjoying my cover children? =X Shall dedicate a post specially to their introductions soon…


Model 21 Lashes [No.31]

Posted in EOTD, K Palette, model21 by Jae on February 2, 2010

Haha, I’m beginning to blog more often now~!

Today wasn’t the most interesting day but hey, I’ve got something for you guys anyhows~~~


K-Palette + Spring Heart EOTD

Posted in EOTD, K Palette, Makeup, Spring Heart by Jae on February 1, 2010

Hey there!

So sorry I haven’t been updating this blog properly for a while, I’ve been quite busy preparing for my partner’s birthday and haven’t had the time to come by here to post my newest finds… Seeing that I’ve got a little breather right now, I’m going to talk about my surprise find at Watsons today!