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MODEL21: 8

Posted in model21 by Jae on March 28, 2010

Ahh…. Yet another false lashes post… -laughing- I swear, I’m SO ADDICTED. >_<
I’ve got so many boxes lying around my room right now that I’m really struggling! -laughing- 



MODEL 21: 4a

Posted in model21 by Jae on March 25, 2010

-grinning- ah yes, false lashes… XD This one is supposed to be a new release but it gave a rather… “Hmm” sort of effect for me, let me explain why.


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MODEL21 : #4 False Lashes

Posted in model21 by Jae on March 12, 2010

Hey! How have you been?

Man, have you been out lately?

The weather’s been absolutely nuts recently, hasn’t it? There’s been haze, rain and sun and sudden rain in the middle of the day as well but the haze is the one that really gets to me… It smells horrid and makes my throat feel awfully scratchy so I’m really hoping that it will clear up soon…

Anyways, I’ve been putting off false lashes for a while to give my real lashes a break [It does affect the natural growth of your lashes by the way 🙂] but I’m settling back into my reviews and here’s my latest one of MODEL21’s #4 lashes!


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MODEL21: #7 Lashes!

Posted in model21 by Jae on March 4, 2010

The long awaited MODEL21 #7 lashes!
[I’m doing this right after my 1500 word new report article so pardon my lacklustre tone, if any XD]


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MODEL21 #17!

Posted in model21 by Jae on February 27, 2010

Yes, I’m back again after a one day break! =D Waaaa, the weather has been HORRIBLY HOT and I’ve been going crazy with the aircon counter. -laughing- I’ve been sitting in my room watching tv because it’s colder there XD [MY PARTNER GOT ME A FLAT SCREEN TV! ]

How’s things been for you?

I’m reviewing MODEL21’s #17 today~~~~ [Will be dealing with #7 maybe tomorrow =X hehe, it’s too similar to #3!]


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MODEL21 #3 VS MODEL21 #7!

Posted in model21 by Jae on February 27, 2010

Looky here! I’ve got comparison piccies for #3 vs #7! And I’m back so here I go with more!

First up, we’ll look at the two in their trays:


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MODEL21 #3~! [Canmake’s got new stuff!]

Posted in Canmake, model21, Product Launch by Jae on February 25, 2010

Guess what made me really happy this week? -pointing at the boxes above and laughing- THEY CAME IN THE MAIL ALL AT ONE SHOT AND THEY’RE AMAZING! No, I’m not exaggerating, check the pictures out!

And oh yes, I’ve got a little update about Canmake too~!


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(F)Lash Flood

Posted in Canmake, Daiso, model21, Spring Heart by Jae on February 10, 2010

It happened again.

My small stack of false lashes toppled over. >_< 

Taking a break from makeup reviews to talk about my toppling makeup stash… Cause it appears that I’ve added to it… Again. -guilty-


Model 21 Lashes [No.31]

Posted in EOTD, K Palette, model21 by Jae on February 2, 2010

Haha, I’m beginning to blog more often now~!

Today wasn’t the most interesting day but hey, I’ve got something for you guys anyhows~~~