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[[20 – 24 July]] UPDATES GALORE!

Posted in Benefit, kanebo, POPSISTER, Tsubasa Masuwaka, watsons by Jae on July 20, 2011


In today’s post (Singapore focused):
1) Magazine updates and sneak preview
2) Watsons Promotion
3) Kanebo Sale
4) Benefit Sale



Shopping Haul! [[18 May 2011]]

Posted in Canmake, Epilat, Maybelline, watsons by Jae on May 19, 2011

A reader asked that I do haul posts as well so here we go. :3 (Should I start making haul videos too? Hmm.)

I mentioned that I spent a lot at the Watsons sale (by my books anyway)… And I kinda went ahead to pick up a few other items from a few other places as well.

In today’s post:
Everything I bought yesterday! 😀 


Dolly Wink Eye Shadow in Sweet Dolly [Brown] [[REVIEW]]

Posted in Dolly Wink, Jill Stuart, Product Launch, Tsubasa Masuwaka, watsons by Jae on March 3, 2011

So you and I both know that Watsons brought the range in and marked it up by round about 6 dollars per palette. -pauses- I shall not comment on that lest I get a letter for libel.

In any case, I promised a review asap about their products so you’ll be able to gauge if you’d like to give their stuff a shot and I’m a girl of my word so I’m back today with a review of the Dolly Wink Eye Shadow in Sweet Dolly by Tsubasa Masuwaka.


Canmake Powder Cheek in PW16 [[REVIEW]] [[PLUS highlighter in PW05 matching]]

Posted in Canmake, Mizuki Nishikawa, watsons by Jae on January 24, 2011

And after a weekend of off-blush-topics, I’m back with yet another blush for you dear!

Now, because we’ll be moving into spring and summer, I thought I’d jump the gun just a little bit and introduce a colour that I don’t usually touch – orange.

A favourite of the models who fall in the ‘active’ category, Canmake’s got the perfect orange – Powder Cheek in PW16!


Canmake blush in PW20! [[REVIEW]] [[VS MELLIESH AND CANDY DOLL]]

Posted in Candy Doll, Canmake, MELLIESH, Tsubasa Masuwaka, watsons, Yui Kanno by Jae on January 17, 2011

And as promised I’m bringing you more of Canmake’s lovely blushes. Today, we’ll be looking at Canmake’s Powder Cheek in PW20 and later, I will be comparing this blush with Melliesh in 02 and Candy Doll in Peach Pink.

-laughing- the brush is missing for this one because I took it out when I was swatching and tossed it into my boxes of canmake brushes. :3

On to the review proper now shall we? 😀

This post is image intensive!


JAE’S 3D FACE CHART! [CONTOUR VERSION] [[Tutorial using KATE Eyebrow Powder in EX-4]]

Posted in Jae, KATE, MELLIESH, watsons, Yui Kanno by Jae on January 15, 2011

That’s right, after a one day break, I’m back and this time I’ll be telling you about contouring!

Please note that today’s tutorial will be dedicated solely to contouring, if you’re interested in highlighting, please refer to THIS POST.


Guess who I picked up? :D

Posted in watsons by Jae on November 19, 2010

Guess who came home with me yesterday? 😀

-laughing- Okay, oh my god that sounded so wrong.

If you follow me on twitter, you’d know that I popped by the Watsons sale a couple of days ago and picked up more than like… 80SGD worth of stuff. I tried to keep my purchases necessary! I promise! But then… I had… A few… Impulse items… That… I couldn’t resist picking up.

This, of course, was one of my impulse buys and this is going to be a really really long review. :3


♥♡♥ Maybelline Volum’ Express Cat Eye Mascara [Waterproof] – ✭Hello Kitty✭ Edition! ♥♡♥

Posted in mascara, Maybelline, watsons by Jae on October 19, 2010

I was at Watsons (Bugis) yesterday and out of the corner of my eye, I spotted THIS!

It’s the HELLO KITTY MASCARA FROM MAYBELLINE! T_T -kicking Watsons- My wallet had this… Automatic lock that opened when I laid eyes on it.

I’ve got pictures! Today’s post will be suuuuuuuuper image heavy as well sweetheart!